Top 20 Brackets Theme

Top 20 Brackets Themes:

Brackets Themes you have to use once in your life:

Brackets is one of the most popular text editor software. It is very popular among the coders of all level. There's a huge number of themes to use with it. You can use these to beautify your brackets.

Here are some of the most popular Brackets Themes. I've used them all. They are just awesome. Among thousands of Brackets themes these themes are very popular. You can try these.

1. New Moon
2. Monokai
3. Monokai Dark Soda
4. Sweet Dard
5. Earth
6. Raven
7. Visual Studio Dark
8. Codepen
9. Hacker Theme
10. Space Theme
11. Neon Light
12. Convergent
13. Orchid Theme
14. Kate++
15. New Sun
16. Eyeris Theme
17. PaperBack Theme
18. Magpie
19. Flotsam
20. Tansidian Theme

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